Wednesday, June 16, 2010

How often do you find yourself procrastinating and delaying over something?  That the project due next week can wait.  That going back to your kampung with your family to visit your elderly parents can wait.  That the health screening can wait.  That the meal with your best friend can wait.  That your reading can wait.  That your dreams can wait.

Our time on earth is limited.  We do not live forever.  Yet, we seem to forget this and live as if there is always a tomorrow.  We postpone the things we need to do, the time we need to spend with our friends and loved ones as well as our dreams, thinking that time is always on our side.  And we tell ourselves that, one of these fine days, we will find a time to do it.

It is common for students to wait till the last minute before preparing for examination.  It is common for us to file our tax return on the very day of the deadline.  It is not surprising to see passengers arriving at the boarding gate seconds before the gate closes.  But, the problem is, we do not know when the gate will close on us.  There is no guarantee that we will live up to a ripe age of 80 years old, or for that matter, any age. 

Don't gamble with time.  The clock is ticking, better hurry.  Don't get busy over things that will not matter at the end of the journey.  Do the things that are close to your heart.  Make time for your loved ones.  If there is something that you have always wanted to do, but have not done so for one reason or another, hesitate no further.  Do it before it's too late as there will not be a last call for boarding to your next destination. 



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