Wednesday, June 09, 2010

While the rest of world is putting their concern on the Israel army attacked on the humanitarian boat, Obama and his team are busy and trying to cover it up by shifting our attention to the BP's oil spill. Most of the stories in the CNN or the like, are diverted to the Gulf of Mexico.

Are they trying to ignore and close their eyes on the Israel's crime? And I haven't heard any news from the UN on the issue. They just keep their mouth shut and they day keep on going as there was nothing happened.

Israel is no different than the Serb's Srebrenica Massacre and the Markale Massacres or the Nazi's Massacres. The only different is they've been sent to the International Criminal Tribunal but the Israel got the OK for massacres without any pressure from the US or the UN. What the F*CK?!

... And they hope we will forget.
... And they want us to forget.



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