Friday, June 04, 2010

Let's face it, stuff happens and life insurance cover is possibly the single most important step you can take to protect your loved ones if you suddenly meet an untimely demise. Not being prepared for a falling tree is a fate worse than death as the turmoil left behind an expected death can be soul destroying as well as financially draining.

It's no secret we don't like talking about death but as ironic as it may sound, death is a fact of life. Obtaining a life insurance policy allows you to prepare for the unexpected and when you think about the world around us; death could strike at any given moment. A car accident, a natural disaster, a heart attack and even walking into a lift could see your head parted from the rest of your body.

The scary thing about death is that we are often not in control of it and the lack of control is arguably the most daunting part but with life insurance cover you can take some power back. If you want to look into getting life insurance cover you may want to use the services of a life insurance agent as a way to save yourself time, money and the unpleasant job of planning your own death.

A life insurance policy would have protected a bunny chasing snowmobiler who decided to race a rabbit on the piste. Unfortunately, he was outfoxed by his furry friend who darted towards into a concrete culvert under a road and keen to keep up; he slammed into the culvert and blew himself into a million pieces as the fuel tank scraped the concrete. The whereabouts of the bunny is still unknown.

My point is simply that you never quite know when danger might strike. Crossing a road, riding a bike and driving a car are all everyday dangers we regularly face so even without the added pressure of cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, extreme sports and of course plugging in a faulty kettle, the world is a dangerous place and we never know what may hit us when. Get more information about life insurance cover from a life insurance agent and find out how to protect those close to you after you're gone. Or you may contact me.



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