Thursday, June 10, 2010

Much has been said about the power of knowledge.  What about ignorance?  Since it is the opposite of knowledge, and if knowledge equals power, wouldn't ignorance equal powerless?  Not so, if it is applied in the right context.

There are stories on successful people who revealed that they were thankful they did not know how tough their climb was going to be.  They knew it was not easy but they did not anticipate the extreme level of difficulty.   If they had known earlier, they wouldnot have attempted to ascend the mountain.  But, once they were on their way, there was no turning back.  They had no choice but to do all they could to make it a success.

Similarly, there are cases where laboring women, in their first pregnancy, ignorant of the extreme pain of natural birth, chose to go without epidural jab.  They felt that since countless women ahead of them had given birth without the need for epidural, it should not be too difficult to manage without. Not until they experienced intense contractual labor pains then they realized the dire state they were in.  But, it was already too late.  These women knew that they had no other choice but to mobilize all their energy to push the baby out.  And eventually, after going through excruciating pain, they successfully delivered their baby.

Likewise, if you are thinking of starting your own business or moving into an area completely different from what you are currently doing, it may be better to leave out the details.  Know what you want, but sometimes you do not need all those details in between.  So long as you are guided by your passion and determination, take the 1st step.  Continue moving in the direction.  If it ever gets unbearably painful or uncomfortable, do remember that this is natural.  It is a process you have to go through to reach out to what you want.  Just bite your lips, persevere a little longer.  It may seem ages but very soon, the pain will ease and you will emerge with a broad smile.


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