Thursday, October 20, 2011

Today I’m going to start a series of blogs to help you understand the different options for water treatment.Before I get into the issues of treatment however, you need to know some core pieces of knowledge…
First, it’s important to understand that basically water is water. The only real difference between pure, distilled water, highly contaminated ocean water, tap water and sewage water are the contaminants in the water. The water is the same. The pure rain water that pours down and is the source of all fresh water started as very salty ocean water. The water that you drink has been in countless forms before it enters your body. It’s been rain water and ocean water and it’s been consumed by numerous life forms before you. What it was doesn’t matter though. What matters is how pure it is now.

Second, while the first point is very simple and straightforward, water contamination is anything but. There are countless different contaminants that can be carried in liquid water, and these different contaminants occur in different combinations everywhere you go. Even the same source of water can change in composition from season to season or even from moment to moment. The result, water quality is different everywhere you go.

Third, you DON’T know what is in your water, nor does the government. Even if you pay $1,000 for an expensive water test, it is just a snapshot of certain chemicals for a certain period of time.

Fourth, many contaminants that are regularly found in tap water have been linked to cancer and other very serious illnesses. Many more contaminants have unknown affects on your health, and no one knows how the numerous combinations of toxins that you may get exposed to could affect your health.By purifying your water you are protecting yourself from these toxins.

Fifth, there are a great many forces that have their own agenda and try to shape your understanding of water, often not for your benefit. Environmental groups will do anything to get you to stop buying bottled water, even lying (tap water is NOT as good as bottled water). The government wants you to think that the water is safe, even when it’s not (the illusion of safety is good enough for most people and it’s much easier for the government). Many companies want your money and will do anything to get it (alkaline water, clustered water, energized water…). You are responsible for protecting your family, thinking critically and keeping your priorities straight (purity should be your number 1 priority).

Sixth, every water treatment device has strengths and weaknesses. There is no perfect water treatment technology. But if you have your priorities straight and you have a solid grasp of the different technologies you can come up with an excellent strategy that provides the highest level of protection.

Seventh, you can’t live in a bubble. In today’s world there is simply no possible way to avoid all chemicals. You will be exposed, as will your family. But you can reduce your exposure to toxins, and one of the easiest ways to do that is to ensure that you are drinking only pure water.


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