Thursday, March 24, 2011

The new look hanya untuk sementara. tengah fikir nak letak design apa kat blog ni.
pakai je la yang default ni.. leceh nak edit-edit.. kena betul2 ada masa free.

when everything changes, change everything.. hahah.. yeah, it was a book title which was given to me by my lovely wife for my birthday gift.

Still lagi tengah baca few pages. agak menarik isi kandungannya.

Here's a brief about the book, taken from the author's website ( )

The book’s point of view emerges from the nine Conversations with God books written between 1995 and 2007, condensing the messages found there and rendering them applicable to daily life in a functional, practical way.
For instance, one of the boldest thoughts expressed within these nine changes is the idea that “all change is change for the better.” Most of us experience this–after the fact.

Most of us have experienced events which we have called, when they were happening, the worst moments of our lives, only to find as time went by that what occurred was one of the best things that ever happened to us.

The fact is that this is true of everything that has ever happened to us, but we do not know this because not enough time has passed to put all the events of our lives into their largest context.

On a human level we may find it difficult to accept the “perfection of the past” because some things have turned out for the worst–according to our definition. Yet When Everything Changes, Change Everything tells us that our definition is distorted, constrained as it is by the Mechanics of the Mind and their inherent limitations.

The mind may very know all about what has gone before, but is does not know why. The mind may very well hold all of life’s Past Data, but it does not hold all of life’s information (which is another thing altogether). The mind may very well contain knowledge, but it does not contain wisdom.

Wisdom lies outside the mind. Wisdom resides within the soul. That is why we need to hold both handles of this magnificent tool of creation that should now be called by its proper name: YOU.


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